Treat Yo Self

Treat Yo Self, is a wonderful phrase coined (from my understanding) by Donna Meagle and Tom Haverford from Parks and Recreation. It is a time one takes to treat oneself, to really live it up. Here’s a clip of Donna and Tom thoroughly explaining Treat Yo Self. Also, if you haven’t watched the episode where the word was first introduced to Treat Yo Self, stop reading this and go watch it … I’ll wait, it is 100% worth it … but come back before you binge watch the entire series, because it WILL suck you in … and that IS also worth it! 😉

Alright, now I have been watching a LOT of Parks and Rec recently. I LOVE that show. Leslie Knope is my personal hero, and I would marry Ben Wyatt in an INSTANT. But recently I’ve realized the importance of Donna and Tom’s Treat Yo Self times. Often, we get consumed by helping others, or focusing on our jobs, or just feeling down for a variety of reasons, that we forget to treat ourselves, to something, anything! With the singles dreaded Valentine’s day approaching, and for the 25th year in a row  (that’s right my WHOLE LIFE) I was with my by myself (for weird phrasing reference, watch this other great video of Kristen Wig, making me feel better about myself!) So, instead of just continuing to binge watch a show with my by myself, I decided to do something different.

Now normally for Valentine’s day, I spend some time eating way too much delicious chocolate, watching hilarious movies, and maybe buying myself something, because hey, why not. But this year, I took it to a whole other level! Since it was President’s Day weekend as well (AKA three day weekend for the win!) I turned this Valentine’s day weekend into TREAT YO SELF WEEKEND!

I spent this weekend treating myself to whatever I wanted! It was a weekend full of hair makeovers (for probably more money than I should have spent), to movies, to food, to hiking. Treat yo self, I would silently say to myself after each expenditure, or fun activity! Over $100 on my hair, “Treat Yo Self!” See a hilarious movie by myself, “Treat Yo Self!” See another movie literally the next day with a friend “Treat Yo Self!”  Have brunch at a dive diner/bar with a friend a la Leslie Knope style, “Treat Yo Self!” Drive 6 hours round trip to hike at the beach with a friend, “Treat Yo Self!” Shamelessly take pictures of Twilight things in Forks after said hike, “Treat Yo Self! (but never say anything about it again!)

Seriously this weekend was the best I have had in awhile. I wasn’t concerned with money too much (don’t worry Mom and Dad I did not break the bank at all!), I didn’t let societal norms crush my vibe (aka solo movie trip, ain’t no thang!), and I had a ton of fun! A weekend that I would normally spend pretending I didn’t care about not having a “valentine,” while eating lots of chocolate and watching movies to distract myself, I instead spent enjoying life the way I love to: by seeing movies, hiking and eating delicious waffles!

Through this experience I learned that I need to allow myself to do this more often than I have. To find ways to Treat myself in my daily life. Because if is far too easy as a 25 year old woman (who is now the only grandchild not engaged or married on one side of the family) to feel bad for myself, and fixate on what is wrong in my life, instead of what is SO right! I have a job, an apartment to myself, AMAZING friends, and I live in the nature wonderland of the Pacific Northwest. I have all I need right now, and that is good! And, every now and then (or recently it’s been about once or twice a week …) I’m going to see a movie, because I LOVE stories; or I might buy myself a new shirt to vamp up my wardrobe; or maybe even get a cat to snuggle with when I’m feeling down, because it’s ok when that happens to.

Moral of the story, channel your inner Donna Meagal and Tom Haverford, and TREAT YO SELF! You deserve it! I know I had a freaking blast with my Treat Yo Self weekend, seriously check it out, ain’t no shame being a single lady on Valentine’s day weekend when you have great friends and a wonderful outlook on life! check it out below, it was a blast!

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